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Fifth Grade Showcase

by Matt Swanson, Music Specialist

Recently the school community came together to celebrate and recognize the class of 2019!

The Fifth Grade Showcase took place in February, right before mid-winter break, and offered a unique opportunity for students to share their passions and talents that they pursue outside of school. This year’s Moving On class showcased a wide variety of pursuits: Performing Arts such as singing, guitar, piano, hip hop dance and ballet; Athletics including tennis, horseback riding, basketball, soccer, swimming, skiing, and ice skating; and Passionate Hobbies like baking, trampolining, movie producing and rubix cubing. Even though students in this fifth grade class have been a part of UCDS for along time–some as long as 10 years–there were still some amazing surprises and hidden passions that came into the spotlight!

The Showcase is a time to both honor a whole class for all that they bring to our community, and also recognize individuals for the tremendous skills and talents that they will bring forward to Middle School. While the event is much anticipated by fifth grade parents, who share boxes of tissues as they enter the emotional roller coaster of the Moving On transition, it is met with even greater excitement by the younger members of the audience. Indeed, the pre-K through 4th grade students sit wide-eyed and open mouthed as they behold a catalogue of future possibilities for themselves unfolding on the stage. Some of this year’s fifth graders reflected on a feeling of responsibility to the community–even when they felt nervous to perform on stage, they still seized the opportunity to “give back” and inspire their younger peers.

The Fifth Grade Showcase is a longstanding tradition at UCDS and has evolved over the years. It used to take place right alongside the Moving On ceremony in June, until teachers recognized the possibility for making it a stand-alone event in February. It also used to focus more exclusively on performing arts, but new formats like student-produced movies have allowed students to Showcase a wider diversity of their out-of-school pursuits. No doubt it will keep evolving, while it continues to inspire us all and celebrate each new Moving On class. One thing is for sure: UCDS is very proud of the class of 2019 for their unique talents and many accomplishments!