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Designed by teachers for teachers, to build on existing curricula, teaching strategies, and practices they’ve already put in place.


Manipulatives allow students to interpret, comprehend and represent a wide variety of math concepts.

Math Vitamin

Designing individualized math curriculum that offers multiple entry points and opportunities for in-the-moment assessment.
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Archive: Interactive Math Continuum

Teachers at UCDS use skill-based continua to generate curricula and assess student progress. Explore this online math continuum to view skill categories and curricular ideas for Pre-K through 3rd grade.

Archive: ImmersiFire Virtual Modules

In each ImmersiFIRE module participants can expect to walk through sample exercises, download resources for their classroom, and view videos of teacher and student interactions, assessments, and reflections among teachers.

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SPARK Magazine Archive

Spark Magazine dives into the innovative curricula, philosophies, and practices that are shaping the future of education.

UCDS Institute Blog Archive

Insights on educational trends, classroom curriculum, and the hallmarks of a collaborative school culture. All entries written by UCDS faculty and staff.