Careers at UCDS


A Community That Learns Together

A willingness to learn from others is a hallmark of UCDS. Faculty and staff form a community that works together to develop new ideas and enhance school operations.


Each teacher at UCDS works collaboratively with members of a teaching team to construct the curricula that will be used in the classroom. The faculty shares teaching methods, materials, and assessment techniques. The process of building, implementing, evaluating, and revising programs is at the core of UCDS and is required of every faculty member.


At UCDS we recognize that we are a community comprised of individuals representing a multitude of different backgrounds. We strive to foster an environment where people are empowered by respecting and appreciating what makes them different. We are committed to providing a work environment that respects diversity and fosters equal employment opportunities. One way this is facilitated is through affinity groups, which you can read about here.

Non-Discrimination Policy

University Child Development School is an Equal Opportunity Employer dedicated to promoting diversity in the workplace and to seeking a diverse and broad spectrum of qualified candidates. The School does not discriminate in employment on the basis of race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, marital status, sex, gender or gender identity, age, or sexual orientation.

Our Benefits

Sick, Personal and Vacation Leave

Full-time teachers are entitled to 8 days per school year of sick leave, without loss of pay. Full-time administrators/staff are entitled to 10 days of sick leave per fiscal year, which runs from July 1 to June 30.

Personal leave is granted at the discretion of the Head of School or Assistant Head of School.

Teachers do not accrue vacation leave. For year-round full-time staff, vacation eligibility is determined once a year on July 1. Full-time new administrator/staff receive up to 20 days of vacation.

Employees starting mid-year receive monthly-prorated leave.

Holidays and Parental Leave

Full-time administrators/staff receive paid holidays in accordance with State, Federal, and school holidays.

UCDS is pleased to offer parental leave benefits to employees who take leave pursuant to the Washington State Paid Family and Medical Leave program and Family Medical Leave Act during the first year following the birth or placement by adoption or foster placement of a child.


Health, Dental & Vision Insurance

UDCS offers health insurance through Kaiser Permanente, dental insurance through Delta Dental and vision insurance through VSP. UCDS pays 100% of individual coverage for full-time employees.

Disability Insurance & Life Insurance

Full-time employees, excluding Resident teachers, are provided short-term disability insurance and life insurance through USAble. All full-time employees are provided long-term disability insurance through USAble.

Other Benefits

Retirement Plan

A retirement plan is available to all eligible teaching staff and administrators/staff through Kibble and Prentice. Payroll deductions for the retirement plan are voluntary.

For eligible full-time employees, UCDS contributes 3% of the employee’s salary to the retirement plan. The School will match up to an additional 3% of the salary if the employee contributes a like amount through payroll reduction.

Tuition Remission

Faculty and administrators/staff who are employed at least 0.6 FTE are eligible to receive a 40% reduction in tuition per year for up to three children attending UCDS Elementary and Early Elementary Programs. The children must meet the school’s admission requirements and will be subject to standard requirements related to re-enrollment.

Professional Development

UCDS encourages faculty and administrators to maintain contact and dialogue with professionals in their fields of interest and expertise. UCDS supports faculty and administrative staff to attend the annual conference hosted by the Pacific Northwest Association of Independent Schools.

Health and Wellness Benefit

UCDS offers employees who work at least 0.6 FTE a health/wellness benefit each fiscal year.

Employment benefits change over time and UCDS reserves discretion to change or remove benefits as determined by the administration to be necessary.