Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question that is not answered below? Please contact Tami Milles-Atterberry, Director of Enrollment Management & Communications by email or at 206-547-8237.

What is your age policy?

UCDS students are placed in multi-age classrooms with individualized instruction for better academic, social and emotional development. Therefore, UCDS has a September 1st birth date policy with no exceptions.

  • Applicants applying for preschool must turn 3 years old before September 1st.
  • Applicants applying for pre-kindergarten must turn 4 years old before September 1st.
  • Applicants applying for kindergarten must turn 5 years old before September 1st.

When should I start the application process?

The UCDS admission season begins in September and closes in March for the following school year. For example, if your child will begin kindergarten in the fall of 2027, please start your application in the fall of 2026. UCDS provides a step-by-step process in our web-based admission system, Ravenna. Please click here to sign up for a required tour and begin the application process.

How many applications do you receive?

To ensure the quality of our admission process and provide applicants our most thoughtful consideration, UCDS only accepts 300 applications per year. If we reach our 300 applicant threshold prior to the application deadline in January, we will accept late applications and place them in a preliminary wait pool.

How does UCDS use testing information in their application process?

UCDS uses standardized test results as one component for building an overall picture of your child as a learner. When combined with the other application materials, the testing information helps us better understand each child’s unique learning style. Admissions at UCDS are not determined by a test-score threshold.

How many openings do you have each year?

On average, we accept approximately fifty-five Early Elementary students each year; twenty three year olds, twenty four year olds, and fifteen kindergarten students. Acceptance into our Elementary Program is based on attrition and can vary annually in number and grade level.

How do you make admission decisions?

UCDS Admission Committee considers student visits, parent/guardian questionnaires, teacher recommendations, parent/guardian interviews, and testing information (for Kindergarten and older applicants) to create a complete picture of each child and their family. We aim to create peer groups for children that foster academic rigor, respect and critical thinking.

What is your sibling policy?

UCDS sibling applicants apply during the normal application process. Although we recognize that families want their children to attend the same school, UCDS may not be the best school option for every child. The Director of Enrollment Management works closely with each sibling family to ensure they are informed and supported throughout the process.

What are the expected costs per year in addition to tuition?

Field trips and overnights require additional costs over the course of the school year (approximately $800). Financial assistance is available for families for these required curricular events.

Do you provide an afterschool program or clubs?

Extended Day Program (EDP) is available to families before and after school. Morning EDP is available free of charge from 7:00 am until the start of classes. After-school EDP lasts until 6:00 pm. Fees for the Extended Day Program will vary depending on the number of days contracted.

After-school clubs are offered to students throughout the year. Financial assistance is also available for the Extended Day Program and After School Clubs.

How are parents and guardians involved in the school community?

Every UCDS parent/guardian is automatically a member of our Parent Guardian Association (PGA). The PGA is a dynamic group of parents/guardians that organizes and hosts a wide range of social and community events over the course of the school year. Families are welcome to be as involved as they like in the PGA, but there are no time obligations or other requirements. Additionally, parents/guardians may help chaperone field trips and overnight excursions as needed.