Early Elementary

School Year Overview

Early Elementary students spend the year immersed in diverse learning opportunities that are relevant and interconnected.

School Year Overview

Intentional, responsive curriculum design

Each UCDS school year is a unique and extraordinary experience

Our teachers design innovative learning experiences with our annual, unique school-wide theme in mind. Each year, theme-related Read Aloud books are carefully selected and Math Vitamins are intentionally designed to connect with other subject areas. Aligning academic experiences to theme allows students to connect their learning to concepts beyond the classroom.

Every journey needs a road map

The UCDS Continua documents guide curriculum development

The UCDS continua documents are the foundation of curriculum planning. Although each school year is a unique experience, teachers carefully ensure that each important academic benchmark is included. These documents outline the developmental progression of skills in reading, writing, math, and reflective thinking. Using the continua as our road map guarantees that there is always an academic destination, even as the path differs from year to year.