Learning by Design

Our Philosophy

UCDS is the education hub that designs and shares a multi-dimensional culture of learning.

UCDS teachers are partners in learning who design and model a culture of inquiry. They create, and engage in, subject-based explorations and critical-thinking projects for students. Our teachers then coach students as they question, collaborate, solve and learn.

Our faculty are at the forefront of educational innovation. They actively evolve their approaches and tools, creating a dynamic, innovative learning environment for their students.

Theory meets practice

Research shows that people learn at different rates and in different ways. Our multi-age classrooms and individualized curriculum are designed to meet each student where they are and help stretch them to the next steps in their learning process. There are no grade-level learning ceilings at UCDS, instead, students are challenged at their individual levels of understanding.

Teachers share a conviction that all children are naturally curious and want to learn. The classroom is set up as a laboratory for the child to conduct his/her research. Children test their theories in order to reinforce the understanding of a concept. Students are coached to generalize and relate their understanding.

Our Philosophy