Play and Investigation

Infant-Toddler Education

Ready to Learn

From the youngest age, infants and toddlers tap their natural curiosity and begin to learn through play and investigation. Our Infant-Toddler Education program draws from current research that supports the idea that young children need experiences and interaction to learn and grow. 

Early Education 2

The school day

Every day, children experience and learn through small group projects, large group explorations, and individual learning opportunities. Each experience is designed to help children make connections and express their own thoughts, understanding, and creativity. Throughout the day children co-construct knowledge, building a unique school culture that values communication, problem-solving and community.

The curriculum

Designed to be flexible, our early education curriculum puts children at the center. Learning emerges from children’s theories and ideas as they experiment, investigate, question and explore. The curriculum uses extended blocks of time for discovery, play and group projects that feed and inspire children’s curiosity.

Our program is student-centered, designed to celebrate each child as unique. It’s self-directed, giving children the assurance to explore, discover, connect and create on their own. And it’s highly experiential, elevating play and art as tools for cognitive, linguistic, and social development.