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I am from…

by Aana Vaghani, Resident Teacher

Earlier this school year, we were fortunate to have Dr Caprice Hollins facilitate impactful conversations about diversity and inclusivity at UCDS. One of the activities we partook was writing poems about where we were from: the tastes, sights, smells, sounds, people and cultures that were instrumental in making us who we are today. When we took this back to our children in our Early Elementary, we were fascinated with what they had to say they were from. In a snapshot….

We are from blue houses,

We are from being allowed to eat candy when our siblings cannot,

We are from the warm smell of chocolate chip cookies,

We are from butter noodles,

We are from the word ‘A’ because it’s easy to spell,

We are from playing on the beach,

We are from laughing at each other’s jokes in class,

We are from unicorns, rainbows and dinosaurs

We are from cats and dogs,

We are from snowball fights,

We are from playing in the rain,

We from dad’s tickles,

We are from mom’s hugs

We are from Mommies and Daddies saying “I love you” which is the best feeling in the world