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Snow Day

By Billy Bordner, Facilities Director

Every child loves having snow days. Who wouldn’t?! You get to sleep in, watch your favorite shows and play in the snow. It’s like an extra weekend or small vacation. I love seeing my kids having fun in the snow, but I also have some responsibilities that require my attention even though school is out due to the weather. 

Being part of the facilities team at UCDS I need to make sure that the school grounds and the buildings are holding up against the weather. Last month we closed school for two days due to the snow. I felt comfortable driving in the snow plus I have AWD so I made a trip to the school. The reason I went to the campus was to make sure that the facilities are holding up in the weather. I don’t want to come back to school to find out a bunch of surprises that could potentially cause school to be closed such as the heat not holding or the roof collapsing. I did my walk around campus and found no issues which was great because I got to go home and play a little in the snow with my kids as if it was my weekend now!