our curricular foundations


Teaching with Purpose

Continua are the curricular foundations at UCDS.  These subject specific documents are designed with a focus on skill acquisition and application. Using these skill-based documents, teachers are able to differentiate learning for individual students within each classroom. 


Continua are used for parent conferences and parent reports. They can augment any existing curriculum or be used to assess student work. Students learn and progress at different rates. Children of the same age, are not in the same academic or social place as their peers. The concept of a continua, is to allow educators to see the progression of skills within subject areas and to use that progression as a teaching and assessment tool.  

History of our Continua

In the early 1990’s, UCDS worked with Bonnie Campbell Hill to learn about the reading continua she had developed.  Inspired by her vision and research, UCDS teachers collaborated to create our own set of UCDS specific continua documents; Reading, Writing, Math and Reflective Thinking.  To date, all the curriculum we create is based on the skill progressions found within each subject area continua documents.

Want to use Continua documents in your school?

UCDS shares our continua documents with schools around the world and also offers mentorship to teachers and schools who are interested in creating their own proprietary variations that are suited to their specific schools.