Building Connections

Parent Association

A Highly Active and Engaged Parent Body

Being a parent at our school is synonymous with being a member of the UCDS Parent Association. It’s an integral part of the UCDS community and works to support the children, faculty, parents, and programs of the school.


The Parent Association (PA) was formed as an unincorporated organization in 1994, in response to a resolution by the UCDS Board of Trustees. The PA is empowered by the Trustees and its operations are conducted in concert with the broad purposes and goals that the Board has established for UCDS.


The goals of the UCDS Parent Association are to:

  • Create a welcoming and supportive community for UCDS children and their families.
  • Support fundraising projects in conjunction with overall school development plans.
  • Coordinate volunteer support for UCDS events, activities and programs.

2020-2021 Parent Association Officers

Alexis Rubenstein, President

Fabi Kirst, Vice President

Kristen Boeckmann, Treasurer

Steven Chao, Secretary

Elspeth Martin, Events Co-Coordinator

Ellen Chang, Events Co-Coordinator

Carli Jones, Events Co-Coordinator

Kirstin Haugen, UCDServes

Abby Maletis, New Family Liaison

I was on the Parent Association for four years. It was such great way to learn about UCDS, but more importantly, it was a great way to meet other parents in the school community.
Nikki Lundin, Former PA President

The UCDS Parent Association Creates Community

The PA sponsors a number of community-building events throughout the school year. Parent volunteers lend their time and expertise to each event. Parent volunteers are coordinated by the PA Officers.

Examples of events sponsored by the PA:

  • UCDServes
  • Speaker Series
  • All-Family Events: Movie Night, Boogie & Glow Dance, and Spring Family Field Day
  • PA Café Meet and Greets
  • New Family Receptions
  • Parents’ Night Out
  • Staff & Faculty Appreciation Lunch
  • Apparel Sales

In addition, the PA supports Grandparents and Special Friend’s Day, Theme Fair, Admission Visit Days, and the school’s annual Auction