Giving for the future

Forever Endowment

A legacy of leadership

In conjunction with the John Neilson Fund (link?), the UCDS Forever Endowment is a sustaining investment in the future of UCDS. The Forever Endowment ensures UCDS programs will remain accessible to teachers and students throughout the educational community. Support for the Forever Endowment enables UCDS to develop innovative educational programming for our teachers, as well as educators outside the school. The Forever Endowment allows our teachers to connect with researchers and thought leaders throughout the globe. Every connection we make grows and expands the vitality of UCDS for generations to come.




Each year, approximately 4% of endowment investment income is released to support financial aid and teacher excellence. Of those funds released,  60% are allocated for accessibility and financial aid and 40% are directed to the UCDS Institute for professional development. Endowment funds enable UCDS Institute programs to be fully-funded without the use of tuition dollars.