Welcome to Cricket Day!

UCDS Visit Day

Each year, the UCDS Admission Committee structures our applicant Visit Days so that they will be welcoming, comfortable and fun for everyone. We have included some information to help you and your child enjoy your visit at UCDS.

Visit Day 1

The Theme

To give your child a sample of what he or she would experience in a UCDS classroom, we choose a theme for the applicant visit day and design activities around it. This year, we will host UCDS Cricket Day! Your child will have the opportunity to participate in various hands-on activities in the classroom, as well as Music and Movement, and a read aloud time.

The Experience

During the visit, applicants will be supported by UCDS faculty to make certain each child receives attention and support needed to feel comfortable. Our aim is to get to know your child during their limited time at UCDS in a classroom setting with a group of peers. Our goal is to discover each child’s strengths and the other qualities that make them unique. We will not evaluate your child’s academic performance as a part of the visit. The visit day is designed to be an enjoyable experience and to give your child a chance to explore our school environment.

The Schedule

Here is an outline of what your child’s visit will look like. Following the greeting, we will ask your child to decorate a nametag and take a family picture. Next, a faculty member will greet your child and invite them into the classroom to explore the fun activities. At this point, you will say “goodbye” to your child and the teacher will take him or her to the classroom to play. While your child is visiting UCDS, parents are asked to remain on campus and join the parent social hosted by current UCDS families. This is your opportunity to meet current parents and learn more about UCDS community. Near the end of your child’s visit, you will be invited back to the classroom to learn about the Visit Day activities and to greet your child.

The Goodbye at Drop-Off

While you certainly know your child best, we would like to share a few successful strategies passed on by parents from past Visit Days.

Often, children feel more relaxed when they know what to expect. If this is true for your child, letting him or her know a few days in advance that they will be going to school to play, helps to build excitement and curiosity about the visit. This may also give you an opportunity to answer any questions your child may have.

Some parents make a plan with their child about saying goodbye: “When the teacher comes to meet us, we’ll do two kisses and a hug and then I will see you for Show and Tell.” Our goal is to help children enjoy themselves and be engaged during their visit so that we can get to know them. Whatever method your family chooses, your support in helping your child to have a great day is truly appreciated!

We look forward to seeing you at Cricket Day!

Visit Day 1