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Overnight Trips

1-2 Program

Each spring the 1-2 level travels to NatureBridge for a two-night overnight trip. NatureBridge is an ideal setting to introduce students to the flora and fauna of the Northwest. A community experience, it celebrates a year of learning and growing together. Students travel in mixed-aged hiking groups. The spring trip is another opportunity for students to see themselves as part of the larger 1-2 community.


3-4-5 Program

The 3-4-5 fall trip is an opportunity to solidify the new 3-4-5 learning community. Each fall the entire community travels to a local camp, where small groups of mixed-age students share cabins for two nights. Students learn, play and participate in team building experiences.

The 3-4-5 spring trip varies in its location and rotates through major regions of Washington State. Connecting the historical, cultural, industrial, geological and geographical origins of Washington, the trip is a culminating event for the major curricular and thematic focus of the spring. Each spring, the 3-4-5 community unites in the study of the chosen geographical area. Third, fourth and fifth grade students combine to explore social studies and literature together. In preparation for the spring trip, groups of mixed-level students read and learn together in small groups.