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Finding the Technology Balance

By Dylan Maggio, Extended Day Program Manager

Technology is a massive part of our world today, and will be an even larger part of today’s children’s’ future moving forward. Sometimes it feels like we refer to kids using technology as either simply positive or negative, and there are a variety of educational theories and schools based around the incorporation or elimination of tech in early childhood education. I personally believe that it is important for there to be technology incorporated into education in a limited fashion. Technology is addictive to everyone, including adults. If we introduce kids at a younger age how to have a healthy and positive relationship with technology, I believe that we can set them up with the tools to be successful using tech as adults. There are positives and negatives to using phones, computers, video games, etc., but I believe that the most important thing for kids in particular is controlled moderation.

I believe as an educator that it is our responsibility to try to understand the things that our students are interested in, and if we don’t understand them it is our responsibility to learn. We should be interested in what kids are watching on YouTube, what video games they play, what applications they use, because that knowledge allows us to help them build a positive relationship with those mediums. I love the incorporation of technology into education here at UCDS.  I think that we have found a balance which allows kids to slowly learn how to use computers and other technology and incorporate those skillsets to further their wholistic education. If we can help children develop positive relationships with technology, I believe that it can be a tremendous educational tool, and set them up to be successful as adults.