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Bodies Need to Move

by Jenny Chen, 3-4 Teacher

I think it’s safe to say we are programmed to move—a lot. Give ourselves a few seconds to simulate stillness and we notice we breathe. Inhalations inflate our bellies, exhalations deflate—a movement. We blink—another movement. Even when we close our eyes, our bodies cannot control not blinking. Our brains move, too; literally as neurons firing, figuratively as thoughts and distractions manifesting. With this premise, I posit that our bodies are wired to move, that they need to move. This especially rings true in our Zoom classroom, where students now sit for more hours than they stand.

So, I consulted this post for 50 educational brain break ideas to get movin’ in the classroom. Not all are physical movements, some are mental (which are as equally important and indispensable). Best of all, most exercises require a couple of minutes max. Feeling inspired? Join the MOVEment!

Here are some ideas I love and plan to incorporate in the classroom:

  • Yoga
  • Dance break
  • Sanford’s Fitboost 3-minute workout generator
  • Facial Gymnastics!

Any that speak to you? Try them out at home, at work, or in class!