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It’s the End of the School Year

Billy Bordner, Facilities Coordinator at UCDS, appears on the blog for the first time to give us a closer look inside the incredible work of the facilities team during the end of the year and during summer break. -Ed.

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Spirits are high has the end of the school year nears.  Teachers are wrapping up class projects, they are working on moving on ceremony, and diligently working on reports.  Hotter weather indicates summer and a break from school but for the facilities department this is the time of the year that we get busy.  As we get closer to the end of the school year we go over our project list, prioritize the list of things that need to get done and things that would be nice to get done.  We bring in a crew to help with all the projects that we need to get done by the end of the summer this crew are usually college students with a few staff kids and or friends.  This process is a great learning experience managing new people, trying to understand strengths and weaknesses, and working as a team to complete our lists making the school look great for day one of the new school year.  With summer camps happening in the summer and our Studio program still in full effect we face scheduling constraints as far as when we will have access to do our work. With the many projects from small to large all over UCDS we must be aware of the schedule every day and work very hard to get these projects done on time.  This summer I am excited to say we are upgrading out Early Education playground and I believe the updated playground is going to be awesome. Not to spoil the surprise but lets just say we are doing almost a full makeover of the entire upper and lower playground. A couple weeks before school starts back up in September we really get focused and are the busiest we will be for the summer.   Teachers start to comeback and request a lot of things in their classrooms all in the while projects are still going on and wrapping up. Finally, we do our final walk through make sure the classrooms look good the campus is clean and we are ready for Convocation and day one of the new school year.