Learning by Design

About UCDS

Redefining What School Can Be

Children want to learn—they’re naturally open, inquisitive, expressive. We’ve designed unique programs that stoke this inherent curiosity and activate each child’s individual learning style. And it’s this innovative learning model that sets us apart.

Walk through our building and you’ll see that our school is unlike any other. Every corner hums with energy and inquiry. Adaptable, open spaces further dynamic, interactive learning. Our teachers are coaches and partners, inspiring a culture of exploration and critical thinking. And students listen, coach, and share—mirroring the same interaction and collaboration necessary for life beyond the classroom.

Today’s children will drive innovation and change in the 21st century, requiring them to become lifelong learners. UCDS is taking a lead in redesigning the traditional classroom model. We’re preparing students for achievement and provide an education that helps them thrive—whatever their path in life may be.

The Latest

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