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End of Day Conversation with my Child

Bill Bordner returns to share the ways he stays in the loop with what his daughter is learning in class, including the talking points he uses to get more details on her day.  -Ed.

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I have a daughter of 4 years at UCDS and it amazes me everyday I ask her what she did in school or how was school she always says school was good I play and ate lunch and now I am going home.  I learned early on to ask specific questions about her day how morning meeting was or what was your math vitamin about. Slowly over the year she caught on to my questions I asked, and she reverted to the standard answers again.  What makes it hard some days to ask questions specific to the day is that I have no reference to what was done that day. Sometimes the teachers make it easy by writing a little snippet of the day on the sign out sheet but on other day I don’t get the reference.  I get the usual answer of I’m hungry or “can I get a Slurpee?”. That’s my favorite because I know as we get in the car she really is energetic but 5 minutes into the ride, she falls asleep. I wonder what other parents go through with their young ones? I would imagine it would be similar theme.  In the end I know my girl loves school and what it has to offer but if only I could get the same enthusiasm at the end of the day.