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ImmersiFIRE - By Teachers for Teachers

ImmersiFIRE is an online, multimedia professional development platform created to support and grow a professional learning community in search of innovative teaching practices.

Through ImmersiFIRE, teachers can engage in a self-paced, selective experiences designed to deepen their understanding of content, strategies and assessment of a given subject. ImmersiFIRE aids in facilitating connections between schools and teachers across the world to share teaching philosophies and practices.

What is ImmersiFIRE?

Online Courses

What can I expect from ImmersiFIRE?

ImmersiFIRE online professional development allows participants to engage in meaningful and focused online learning, download resources for use in their classroom, and gain access to a network of educators.

During each ImmersiFIRE session, participants can expect to walk through sample exercises and view videos of teacher and student interaction as well as assessments and reflections among teachers.

  • An immersive program you can use at your own pace with perspectives and tools you can incorporate into your own teaching.
  • Material that is applicable to age groups and classroom formats beyond those seen in the videos
  • Quality professional development anytime/anywhere created by practicing teachers
  • Cost-effective professional development learning
  • Clock hours
  • Opportunities to talk with UCDS teachers about your specific classroom
  • Possibilities for future professional development and personal coaching

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