Professional Development

Resident Teacher Program

The UCDS Resident Teacher Program offers a full-time, 10-month, immersive classroom teaching experience, designed for beginning teachers. A yearly cohort of Resident Teachers strengthens the UCDS community by offering a diverse set of experiences, backgrounds, and fresh perspectives.

Dedicated to Teacher Development

UCDS has welcomed an annual cohort of Resident Teachers for over 27 years!

The Resident Teacher Program is a dynamic opportunity for emerging educators to engage in all aspects of teaching alongside mentor teachers in shared classrooms. The program provides a multi-layered support network, designed to foster professional growth. In addition to gaining hands-on teaching experience and receiving ongoing mentorship, Resident Teachers have opportunities to take on leadership roles, engage in regular professional development, and meet regularly as a cohort to reflect, share ideas, provide feedback, and encourage peers.

Committed to Collaborative Teaching

Collaboration is a hallmark of UCDS. Upon joining the faculty in mid-August, Resident Teachers fully participate in all planning, preparation, discussion, and curricular decisions with their mentors and grade-level teaching teams. Resident Teachers also serve on faculty committees, participate in school-wide projects and events, and work across grade levels.  The school’s focus on teamwork demands collegial, highly professional working relationships, and an ability to consider a wide array of perspectives.

Focused on Innovation

Teaching at UCDS is individualized and responsive to each student. Multi-grade-level teaching teams design curriculum that incorporates a central concept and reflects the strengths, challenges, interests, and questions of the students. The dynamic environment of the school inspires the continuous learning of both students and teachers. Resident Teachers are an integral part of this process.

  • Classrooms are multi-age 
  • Collaborative teaching teams create individualized curricula
  • Theme guides and connects yearly explorations

Resident Teacher Program Year Overview

Resident Teachers join the faculty in mid-August and work full-time alongside their mentors and grade-level teams for an entire school year. Resident Teachers will experience: 

  • An innovative culture of learning and teaching
  • Collaborative classroom teaching and thoughtful mentorship
  • Planning, preparing, discussing, and designing curriculum, in partnership with their grade-level team
  • Regular professional development recently included:
    • Math & More Workshop in August
    • Rise DEI: Social Justice Standards
    • Visual Thinking Strategies 
    • Non-Directives and Classroom Management
  • Support for post-Residency plans

During their 10 months, Resident Teachers can apply to continue with the program for a second year, allowing them the opportunity to further develop their teaching skills and a chance to work with a new grade level.

Apply to the Program

The UCDS Resident Teacher Program is ideal for four-year college graduates who deeply value education, love children, and thrive when learning by doing. We strongly encourage members of marginalized communities, including Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, as well as members of other underrepresented groups, to apply for the Resident Program and become a part of our commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive educational environment.

To be considered for the Resident Teacher Program, submit a cover letter in addition to a current resume. Applications submitted without a cover letter will not be reviewed.

Resident Teacher positions are offered on a rolling basis. The hiring process begins in mid-January and typically concludes in April. Please apply as early as possible for the upcoming school year.

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