Impact Stories

Impact Stories

Julia Wayne's Advice to UCDS Moving On Students

Don’t ever leave! Just kidding, sort of. (But seriously, guys, find my middle school petition and get it going again.) Honestly, you might not realize how special UCDS is until you’re gone. But as you leave UCDS, hold dear the memories of learning and how much you love learning there, because not everything will be as joyfully immersive as a UCDS education. Attending UCDS is a great foundation for staying curious. And most of all, remember to check your privilege – attending UCDS is a real privilege that not everyone gets. And if you’re attending that wonderful school, you’re probably getting access beyond what most others do. Don’t forget to extend your privileges to those who didn’t get the same access.
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Eric Wahl's Reflection on his time at UCDS

Unlike most educations, at UCDS we weren’t funneled down a specific path or told to do things in a specific way. UCDS was a very creative environment. My perspective on my work life has benefited from that. It’s easy to be in high school and think that you are required to have a very clear direction for your future, but every year I learn something new about myself. UCDS made me open to those self-discoveries. We were challenged to not be limited in our scope. UCDS encouraged me to explore, and I continue to explore new opportunities to this day.