UCDS Auction 2014 - ART ON THE EDGe

Auction 2014

The UCDS Auction 2014 - ART ON THE EDGe will will support finishing the EDGe by creating the outdoor Tech Deck and making the EDGe even better with additional equipment. As always, the auction proceeds will also provide funds for Teacher Excellence and Financial Aid.

UCDS families can access complete details, including ticket information in the parent section of the website.

A history of past UCDS Auctions:

Hosted annually by the Parent Association, the UCDS Auction is a festive occasion, where parents and other adult UCDS community members get the opportunity to celebrate the mission of UCDS and the beautiful work of our students. Each year our auction funds support major initiatives that directly impact programs for our students, professional development opportunities for our faculty, and access for our families.

Auction 2013The Next Generation: UCDS Auction 2013: Over the past five years Ben Chickadel, Design & Technology Specialist has transformed our technology class into a leading-edge design thinking and engineering laboratory for your children.

“Life in the digital age is about cultural participation with building and tinkering, remixing and sharing. We want kids thinking, “What I produce, others build upon.” That is what a remix really is. It’s a mash-up and a play of imagination. It’s about tinkering and discovery and figuring things out. We need to shift from human as knower to human as maker. And that’s what tinkering is.” –Larry Rosenstock, CEO High Tech High

Auction 2012 Auction 2012 - The 100 Years Tour: The 2012 auction supported Playgrounds and Teacher Excellence. The Teacher Excellence fund provides educational opportunities for all of our teachers. One of the many opportunities this fund provides for our teachers each year is the Experienced Teacher Cohort. The funds from Teacher Excellence allows this group to be inspired by a topic, research the topic, and use the results of the research to improve the education of our children. A recent topic explored by the group was the question, “What are the developmental milestones and stages of children’s play?”Auction 2012 The Experienced Teacher Cohort embarked on a research adventure that resulted in unexpected findings about how kids actually play and how their development is enhanced (or not) by our current playground. Those unexpected findings were put to use in the Playground re-design and construction. Now instead of a parking lot where students play, UCDS will have one-of-a-kind playground that allows students to explore life through play.

Auction 2009Auction 2011 - The Come Together Tour: Rock on! Thank you to the over 440 people who attended The Come Together Tour, our largest turnout ever. The night was a rockin' success. All told your generosity raised nearly $420,000 for UCDS. Thank you!

Auction 20082010 Auction - Click on a Dream: Our community's commitment to the dreams of UCDS was demonstrated in stunning fashion at the 2010 Click on a Dream Auction. The generosity of the UCDS community this night generated more than $366,000-giving a huge boost to Financial Aid and the exciting new technology upgrades at the school. More than $86,000 was raised for Teacher Excellence and more than $69,000 was raised for Financial Aid. Thank you Dream Team!

Auction 2009Auction 2009 - Futurama: Our community's commitment to the future of UCDS was demonstrated in spectacular fashion at the 2009 FUTURAMA auction which helped to generate $757K for the school. Despite the uncertain economy and its consequences for so many families, the results dramatically exceeded our expectations. Teacher Excellence and Financial Aid Raise-the-Paddles, each raising over $90K. Your enthusiastic support proved once again that every gift, large or small, really does makes a difference! As a result of your generosity every classroom has a new interactive whiteboard, every student can enjoy organic milk with their lunch, and every faculty and staff member can commute to work with their own bus pass. Thank you Futurama!

Auction 2008 Auction 2008 - !VIVA UCDS!: Thank you, UCDS! The VIVA UCDS auction raised a whopping - as in muy grande -- $415,740! With well over $200,000 going to the two fund-an-items for Financial Aid and Teacher Excellence, the night was a true celebration of our community's passion for the education at UCDS, the teachers that give it life, and of our commitment to making a UCDS education available to any child who would thrive here.

UCDS thanks the following sponsors for their support of the 2014 auction.