The UCDS Resident Program

The Resident Teacher Program offers a year-long, intensive, hands-on teaching experience.

During the program, Resident Teachers will experience:

  • Mentoring from experienced teachers
  • Regular professional development workshops
  • Classroom teaching
  • Resident meetings as a forum for support and encouragement from peers as well as reviewing teaching theory and practice

Dedicated to Teacher Development

The Resident Teacher Program allows professionals entering the field to engage in all teaching and school-wide responsibilities with the guidance and support of master teachers.

In addition to gaining teaching experience and receiving ongoing mentoring, resident teachers meet weekly and are offered a variety of workshops and other professional development opportunities.

Committed to Collaborative Teaching

Collaboration is a hallmark of UCDS. Resident teachers work full-time in a classroom for one year. They join the UCDS faculty in the second week in August, starting with a week-long in-service.

In partnership with a mentor, residents plan, prepare, discuss, and design curriculum. Resident Teachers develop an in-depth understanding of students and curriculum. Residents work with teachers at all grade levels, serve on faculty committees, and participate in the planning of school-wide projects. The school’s focus on teamwork demands collegial, highly professional working relationships.

Focused on Innovation

Teaching at UCDS is individualized and responsive to the talents of each student. The curriculum incorporates a central concept and reflects the strengths, interests, and questions of the students. The dynamic environment of the school inspires the continuous learning of both students and teachers.

Classrooms span two grades; teachers set individualized goals for each student and create meaningful academic challenges and a cohesive classroom community. Residents are an integral part of this process. They add new ideas and educational theories to school discussions and ask questions that enrich not only their own experience but the experience of the entire school. Residents work with teachers at all grade levels, serve on faculty committees, and help plan school-wide projects. Our focus on teamwork demands collegial, highly professional working relationships.

Resident Program Year Overview

Resident Teachers join the faculty in mid-August and work the full school year, starting with a week-long college level math course. From the start, Residents are included in all planning, preparation, discussion and curricular decisions with their teaching teams. This focus on collaboration is reflected throughout the school. The Resident Program provides a multi-layered support network. Residents meet regularly with the Resident Coordinators and weekly with their mentor teacher(s). In addition, the Resident Coordinators host Resident Meetings three times a month. Residents are encouraged to share ideas, ask questions and gather support from their fellow residents and guidance from the Resident Coordinators. The Resident Coordinators set a calendar of topics that center on professional development and also parallel the educational developments of students during the school year.

In a typical year, Residents will have meetings concerning various topics, which may include:

  • A meeting with the Learning Specialist, concerning her role in the community and educational background.
  • A workshop led by the Assistant Head of School on behavior management techniques.
  • A workshop on narrative report writing.
  • Readings and discussion of appropriate articles from national publications.
  • Workshops on Visual Thinking Strategies designed to support thoughtful facilitation, active listening and open-ended questioning.
  • A year-end retreat with the Center for Ethical Leadership designed to synthesize the year’s experiences and set the course for continued professional growth.

In addition to meetings specific to Residents, the professional development opportunities available to the faculty and staff through the Teacher Education Center may also be offered to Resident teachers.

To learn more about the application process, visit our employment page.

About UCDS

Educators at UCDS:

  • are passionate about education.
  • are collaborative/team players.
  • exhibit a strong work ethic.
  • are flexible and engaged.
  • have a love of learning.
  • have a great sense of humor.

Developing Children’s Intellect and Character

UCDS is centered on the lives of children. We focus on the special talents and potential of each child, fostering those talents through an intellectual and social/emotional curriculum. We help students build confidence, self-discipline, judgment and personal knowledge to form the foundation of genuine understanding.

Faculty who are Leaders in their Fields

At UCDS learning, rather than teaching, is at the heart of education. Our faculty and our integrated, theme-focused curriculum are central to creating a challenging and engaging learning environment. Faculty members are encouraged to learn from their peers, colleagues and students.

An Innovative Leader in Education

The UCDS community is dedicated to sharing its knowledge with other schools, students, and educators in the hope that it may serve as a model for others. Throughout each school year, the Teacher Education Center at UCDS provides opportunities for on-going professional development.