Parents & Guardians as Students

Parent/Guardian Workshops

Step into Your Kids' Shoes

We are always hearing that the magic and energy of UCDS makes parents wish they were back in school. Well, we can’t take you back in time, but we can bring you back to the classroom (kind of).

The Thinking Behind the Learning

Just like our students and faculty, parents/guardians at UCDS constantly strive to learn. To help quench that intellectual thirst, the UCDS Institute runs a series of workshops throughout the school year, specifically designed for our community of parents/guardians. Led by UCDS faculty, these subject-specific workshops dive deep into the hallmark methodologies and practices of a UCDS education. Parents/Guardians get an opportunity to learn the hows and whys of our unique programs, like mathematics, language arts, and specialists. These workshops are a great way to better understand the reasons our students love learning at UCDS.

Check the school calendar in our Family Portal for upcoming workshops and events.

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