Getting to Know Applicants

Visit Videos

A Snapshot of Your Child

Thank you for applying to UCDS! The UCDS visit day process seeks to learn about the current interests of your child, their personality, and how they approach learning and play. This snapshot of your child helps the admission committee put together a cohort of students who have a diverse range of characteristics. This wide variety of students results in supportive classroom communities with a broad range of strengths and areas of growth.

Due to the current health crisis, we are unable to have your child come to UCDS for a visit. Instead, we are requiring parents/guardians to submit three videos of their child that highlights their interests and personality. Listed below are guidelines and three prompts we ask that you follow to provide us with several videos.


The videos are a snapshot of your child today and we prefer to see authentic videos. It’s important to share the first take and not a rehearsed performance. Please keep the following important information in mind: 

  • These videos represent only part of your child’s application – no one piece will determine our admission decisions. 
  • There is absolutely no preparation required of your child prior to participating in these activities. 
  • There is no such thing as perfect! These exercises are designed for a wide range of applicants; students at different ages will engage differently. 
  • When the child is writing or using a writing tool, if possible, show us your child doing their work. 

Video Instructions:

You will make a separate video for each task, but ideally, all of the activities should be done in one sitting. The total process will take approximately 15-20 minutes. 

Our goal is to make the video recording process as simple and easy as possible for you and your child, so we ask you to keep the following in mind: 

  • Please use your phone or tablet to make the recordings. 
  • Record all videos in landscape (horizontal) mode. 
  • Please record Prompt 1 & 2 indoors. Prompt 3 can be recorded indoors or outdoors. 
  • Stop recording in between tasks. Each task should be its own video. 
  • Please submit videos with sound.
  • Please refrain from rehearsals, retakes, and corrective feedback/redirection. If your child is unable to complete a section, it’s okay! Children are in different development stages and UCDS honors each child’s independent level. 

Materials needed prior to filming:

  • Child’s favorite “stuffie”, toy or game.
  • crayons/pencils/markers or objects in these array of colors
  • a blank piece of paper

Once the videos are completed, please upload the videos by November 30th, 2020. 

If you have any issues, please contact Breaunah Flowers, Admission Assistant.

Video 1: Show & Share

Length of recording: 2 minutes

Have your child select a favorite “stuffie, toy or game” and record your child introducing their stuffie or sharing their favorite toy or game. Only one video is needed.

If they chose a “Stuffie,” follow the prompts below:

  • What is your favorite stuffie? Does it have a name?
  • Why is it your favorite stuffie?
  • What color is it?
  • Do you know who gave your stuffie to you? If so, please share. 

If they choose a favorite toy or game, follow the prompts below: 

  • What is your favorite toy or game?
  • Why is it your favorite toy or game?
  • Can you explain how it works?
  • Do you know who gave it to you? If so, please share.

Video 2: Alphabet, Counting & Colors 

Length of recording: 2-3 minutes

Please ensure you have objects or items in your home (crayons, markers, colored pencils or blocks) in an array of colors. Place these materials in front of your child before beginning Activity 1. This will be one seamless video with these two activities (for preschool and pre-K applicants), or four activities (for kindergarten applicants).

Activity 1
Record your child saying/reciting the alphabet (ABC’s). 

Activity 2
Record your child using the following prompts: 

What crayon/marker/block is your favorite color? What color is it?

  • Can you show me 1 crayon? 
  • Can you show me 3 crayons? 

Kindergarten Applicants – Please record activities 1, 2, 3 & 4
Activity 3
Prompt: “Please count as many crayons as you can. Please point to each crayon as your count”. 

Activity 4
Record your child writing their name or write it for them. Ask your child to identify some or all of the letters in their name. (Use a crayon, marker or pencil.)

Video 3: Movement

Length of recording: 1 -2 minutes

Please choose Option 1. (Option 2 is only available if your child won’t participate in Option 1.)

Option 1: Follow a video of movement by our PE Specialist, Kerrie Hecko. The length of Kerrie’s video is 5 minutes long. Please do not submit a 5-minute video of your child. It’s best to watch Kerrie’s video first, then have your child follow along. The warm-up at the beginning is optional. The Snowy Winter exploration activity (snowman, snowflake, bear, etc.) in Kerrie’s video, at 1:46, is ideal to record. 

Click the button below to watch Snowy Winter Movement by Kerrie.

Option 2: IF your child does not actively participate during the movement video, please record your child physically in motion. For example: running, jumping, climbing, swinging, skipping, rolling, etc. This could include exploring a playground or participating in their favorite physical activity.

If you have any issues, please contact Breaunah Flowers, Admission Assistant.